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Light-Duty Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services

Control light-duty and car fleet maintenance costs with Haines City Car Care Center's managed fleet auto repair maintenance and services. Each breakdown takes a car and light-duty vehicle from your fleet off the road. Avoid extended vehicle downtime with a carefully tracked routine maintenance program. Managed fleet maintenance boosts fleet productivity and controls fleet repair costs.

Unforeseen Breakdown?

At Haines City Car Care Center we move fast to get you back on the road and keep repair costs under control. We respond quickly with mobile repair options and towing services. We offer 24/7 online scheduling request options to ensure your drivers can get their vehicle in and out of the shop with express service.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

  • Convenience: At Haines City Car Care Center in Haines City, we are always there for you with 24/7 online scheduling options for driver convenience. Haines City Car Care Center offers mobile repair and tow options, as well as in-shop repair and maintenance solutions. Ask us about bundled maintenance programs that provide you with a complete picture of your fleet's scheduled services, auto repairs and costs.
  • Trustworthy: Fleet owners and drivers in Haines City and across the region say that Haines City Car Care Center is the best fleet auto repair and maintenance shop. But don't take our word for it, read reviews from our customers.
  • Competitive: At Haines City Car Care Center in Haines City, we want your business! That is why we offer fleet services at a competitive price. Haines City Car Care Center makes your fleet's auto repairs, scheduled inspection management and service reporting affordable.
  • Quality: Auto repairs and maintenance done on your fleet cars and vans is done by professional mechanics and backed by work warranty options. For each fleet vehicle you can get a full repair history.

Fleet owners need to minimize fleet maintenance costs and maximize productivity. Get a fleet that works harder and safer with services that help you reduce your fuel costs, operating costs and more while keeping your fleet on the road. Call Haines City Car Care Center today at 863-422-6124 or stop by our shop at 1005 US-17, Haines City, FL.